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Understanding Suicide
Around 18 people kill themselves every day in the UK, with suicide also the single biggest killer of men under 45. These shocking statistics show the extent of the problem and the importance of spotting the signs that someone may be at risk. A kind word from a colleague or even a stranger can save a life.

In this self-guided module, you will discover what contributes to someone feeling suicidal. You will gain the knowledge to know how to talk to someone and where to turn for help. This potentially life-saving unit is valuable in both your personal and professional lives.

This Course is for you if:
- You worry or concerned of others and/or your own mental health
- To gain more knowledge about suicide
- You are worried about someone and you do not want symptoms to develop into anything more concerning
- To gain an insight of signs and symptoms of suicide

What is included:
- One hour of course content with videos and PowerPoint
- Further links for further reading
- Certificate of attendance
- Contact support via email

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