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Catastrophic Bleeding

Catastrophic Bleeding

As the name suggests, this course deals with bleeding, which is life-threatening. It is ideal for anyone who works in a dangerous or high-risk environment or wants to take their knowledge to the next level. The unit covers how to control bleeding and when and how to pack a wound and use a tourniquet.

This course includes pictures and videos of deep bloody wounds.

This Course is for you if:
- You work in hospitality and want to know how to treat a knife or gun wound
- To gain more knowledge about the types of wounds
- To gain more knowledge how to use a tourniquet and pack a wound
- To gain an insight of the severity of catastrophic blessing

What is included:
- One hour of course content with videos and PowerPoint
- Further links for further reading
- Certificate of attendance
- Contact support via email

£ 24.97
24.97 GBP £ 24.97
£ 24.97
Responsible Heather Bird
Last Update 22/02/2021
Completion Time 55 minutes
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  • Introduction To Catastrophic Bleeding
    • Course Content
  • Define The Bleeds
    • Identifying bleeds
    • Arteries and Veins
  • How to Control and Treat Bleeding
    • Controlling a bleed and how to treat!
    • Controlling Blood Loss; Pressure Points Along Blood Vessels
    • Treating and Preventing Shock
  • Wound Packing and How to Pack a Wound
    • How a wound heals itself
    • Wound Packing And how to Pack a Wound
    • Packing a wound with Celox Z Fold Haemostatic dressing
  • Tourniquet; When and How to use
    • Tourniquets and How to Use
    • How to apply a CAT Tourniquet
    • How to apply an improvised tourniquet
  • Course End
    • Assessment
    • Feedback