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Children's Micro Mental Health Course For Parents

Children's Micro Mental Health Course For Parents

"Is your Child suffering with High School Anxieties? Stop The Worry Within A Week! (Even if you believe that’s impossible right now)"

Here's just a sample of what's in Children's Micro Mental Health Course:
- Your easy button to stop the anxiety - Quickly!
- Learn the tools and coping strategies that helped turn anxious children into confident and happy students.
- Quickly learn what the signs of anxiety are so that you can help your child... even if you have no clue how to begin

This course is for you if...
You want to support your child and help them work through and overcome anxieties.
You want to teach your child coping skills for life so that they are happy and confident students and adults.
You want to stop the symptoms from developing into anything more concerning

What's included..
An one hour video tutorial giving you the tools, strategies and coping mechanisms to help your child overcome the symptoms of anxiety
An invitation for ongoing support in my private Facebook group – a safe space for parents to discuss their concerns and get the support they need from people who are experiencing similar issues.
Links to helpful websites and blogs for further reading and support.

£ 24.97
24.97 GBP £ 24.97
£ 24.97
Responsible Heather Bird
Last Update 29/09/2021
Completion Time 1 hour 16 minutes
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