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Understanding Depression

Understanding Depression

An introductory module that explains what depression is, how to know when someone is suffering and coping mechanisms for dealing with it. You will understand what can trigger feelings of depression, what it feels like for the sufferer, and have the confidence to know how to talk to someone who has depression. The course provides valuable knowledge for use at home and in the workplace.

This Course is for you if:
- You worry or concerned of others and/or your own mental health
- To gain more knowledge about mental health in general
- You are worried about someone and you do not want symptoms to develop into anything more concerning
- To gain an insight of signs and symptoms
- How to make that conversation with someone who is struggling

What is included:
- One hour of course content with videos and PowerPoint
- Further links for further reading
- Certificate of attendance
- Contact support via email

£ 24.97
24.97 GBP £ 24.97
£ 24.97
Responsible Heather Bird
Last Update 07/12/2020
Completion Time 59 minutes
Members 1
  • Introduction
    • Course Content
  • What is Depression?
    • Understanding Depression and The Types
    • I had a black dog, his name was depression
    • The Science of Depression and the understanding
  • Possible Causes
    • Causes
    • 8 Reasons Why You Feel Depressed
  • How to Identify Depression
    • What are the Signs and Symptoms of Depression?
    • 7 Signs Of Depression
  • How to support and help Someone
    • How to help Someone and How Depression can be Managed
    • How to Help Someone with Depression
    • 7 Things to Say to Someone With Depression
    • Further Links
  • Course End
    • Assessment
    • Feedback
    • What Can I Do Next?