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Understanding Stress

Understanding Stress

Stress is a natural part of everyday life. However, if we do not manage it appropriately, it can lead to mental and physical ill-health. It is responsible for a high percentage of workplace absenteeism and a contributing factor to heart disease and other serious illnesses.

In this self-directed module, we explain what stress is and how it affects our bodies. You will learn how to recognise the signs and symptoms of stress and help someone having issues. The course also gives you ways to reduce and manage stress in your daily life.

This Course is for you if:
- You worry or concerned of others and/or your own mental health
- To gain more knowledge about stress
- You are worried about someone and you do not want symptoms to develop into anything more concerning
- To gain an insight of signs and symptoms of stress

What is included:
- One hour of course content with videos and PowerPoint
- Further links for further reading
- Certificate of attendance
- Contact support via email

£ 24.97
24.97 GBP £ 24.97
£ 24.97
Responsible Heather Bird
Last Update 23/11/2020
Completion Time 58 minutes
Members 1
  • Introduction
    • Course Content
  • Understanding About Stress
    • What is stress
    • How stress affects your body
    • What are the happy hormones and how to reverse stress
  • How to Identify Stress
    • Signs and Symptoms of Stress
    • 6 Signs of Stress You Shouldn't Ignore
  • How can you help and support someone with Stress
    • How to Help Someone with Stress
    • 7 Simple Tips To Reduce Your STRESS Right Now
    • Further Help & Links
  • Course End
    • Assessment
    • Feedback
    • What Can I Do Next?